A Brief History of Modern Western Feminism

Sydney Opera House smashed the patriarchy in 2018 with their new event ‘All About Women’. We were thrilled to create 3 x 90 second animated videos on the 3 (maybe 4?!) waves of Modern Western Feminism. These videos are hard-hitting, fact-smacking lessons in feminist history – how we got to this point in history and questioning where we are going now. The videos were shown at the Opera House before all live events and continue their life online.


Thanks to Edwina Throsby and Susie Anderson from the ‘All About Women’ team, to writers Jane Schneider and James Hackett, to sound designer Gary Sinclair, to Haiku Hands for their bangin’ song and Nicky Kurta for the VO.


Executive Producers – Edwina Throsby & Susie Anderson

Writer – Jane Schneider, James Hackett

Director – James Hackett

Sound Design – Tactile Music

Audio Track – “It’s Not About You” Haiku Hands

Produced by Studio Gilay in association with Sydney Opera House & All About Women