SOH Wellema Tubowgale Prologue

Showcased for the Opera House’s 50th Anniversary, Wéllema Tubowgule highlights the magnificence of natural forms. Our meditative piece acts as a prologue to Sam Doust’s exploration of the architectural story of the Sydney Opera House.

Jake Duczynski, co-director at Studio Gilay, shares an intimate connection with the organic forms that feature in the piece as a proud Gomeroi descendant.

Wéllema [To Return or Come Back – Gadigal Language]

Tubowgule [Traditional place name where the SOH now stands – Gadigal Language]


Art Direction

Jake Duczynski

Gomeroi / Mandandanji


Dhimanth Rao

3D Animation / Compositing 

Emily Hestelow

3D Animation

Jalamara Towney

3D Animation