The Journey of Burra

Western science and First Nations knowledge have more in common than you may realise.

We were given the opportunity to create a 10-part series of shorts which follow the journey of the endearing eel, Burra, and her migration out to sea.

It is now part of a culturally immersive and educational experience permanently exhibited at the Australian Museum. Don’t be shy to go and check it out, we assure you there is no age limit!


Creative Director

Jake Duczynski

Gomeroi / Mandandanji


Jodie Austin

Background Artist / 2D Animaton


Andrew Summerfield

Design / 2D Animation

Kiara Rodriguez-Hextall

Character Design


Lester Chan

2D Animation

Jonathon Saunders

2D Animation


Bryn Desmond-Jones


Sara Kian-Judge                               Author of the Burra Story                                       Walbanja-Yuin