Gruen Planet

The title sequence takes place on a media planet where everything is for sale — from celebrities and products to refugees and politicians. The sequence begins with Wil Anderson walking through an empty planet that builds into a busy mediascape of messages, billboards and buildings rolling sculpturally past the camera.

One of our many Gruen titles, this one took over 3 whole days of in studio shooting, a 1.2 foam ball rig, paper construction and lets not forget all the paper cuts.

Congrats to DOP Dan Freene ACS who won an Australian Cinematography Awards NSW Silver Award for the Gruen Planet Title Sequence.

The Making of Gruen Planet Titles

To fit within the family of Gruen Transfer and Gruen Nation, we wanted the title sequence of Gruen Planet to have a tactile and in-camera feel. We used stop motion to bring the sequence to life and create the energy evoked by the Gruen soundtrack. The titles were filmed in the Hackett studio over 3 days using a 1.2 m foam ball rig, paper construction buildings and cars and a cut out animated Wil Anderson. Scale was a challenge as it was very important that the messages were read as they moved through frame, as was the physical challenges of attaching all the props to a spinning ball.