The Gilay-proclaimed comedic legend, Prawny embarks on an absolute trek down-under in Jetstar’s 2021 social media posts.

Prawny is a series of mixed media episodes that blends live action footage with 2D character animation. These comedic promotional videos were consecutively released on the days leading up to Christmas in 2021. The sole character, ‘Prawny’ travels to places around Australia and immerses himself in a handful of local activities that can be experienced in these locations. Australia is put on display in all its glory-enticing people to travel locally.

1 of 8 episodes working alongside Thinkerbell.


Art Direction

James Hackett

Jake Duczynski

Gomeroi / Mandandanji


John Cruckshank

Voice Acting


Andrew Summerfield

2D Animation / Compositor

James Vallance

2D Animation / Compositor

Genevieve Stewart

2D Animation / Compositor

Kuku Yalangi / Wemba Wemba

Emily Hestelow

3D Animation

Zoe Velonas

2D Animation