RISING 2024 – brand logo

We are delighted to work with the RISING team on their evolving brand and design the moon logo for the RISING 2024 festival!

The RISING brand continuously evolves its key visual element, but still remains consistent, recognisable and familiar. Inspired by the moon, our design acts as a portals into art, music and performance. We produced static and animated work for this campaign.

Design Development

In our first iteration, we were inspired by lunar contours and Indigenous Australian tree scarring.

Initial Sketch

Moon Phases


In our final iteration, we sought inspiration from the intricate patterns of planetary orbits, these reminded us of the cultural practice of weaving. With that notion, we made a weave-inspired moon.

Initial Sketch

Moon Phases


RISING Festival 2024





Creative Direction & Concept

Jake Duczynski [Gomeroi & Mandandanji]

Research & Concept

Genevieve Stewart [Kuku Yalanji and Wemba Wemba]

Jonathon Saunders [Woppaburra]


Genevieve Stewart [Kuku Yalanji and Wemba Wemba]

3D Animation

Dhimanth Rao


Melissa Azizi