We wrote, directed and produced Un-Locked, an animated coming of age story set in the 80s in Sydney. It follows the experiences that lead two young people to be locked up, one in a juvenile justice centre, the other in a mental health facility.


Final Frames





Creators & Directors

James Hackett

Jake Duczynski

Gomeroi / Mandandanji


Dean Gibson Series Executive Producer Guugu Yimithirr
Beck Cole Story Editor Warramungu / Luritja
Michaela Perske Producer
Margee Brown Producer
Andrew Arbuthnot Development Producer
Jessica Mulet Line Producer / Production co-ordinator
Andrew Summerfield Production co-ordinator
Cathy Skow Accountant

Stephen Boyle

Studio Gilay Legal


Jonathan Saunders Storyboard Artist / Background Artist Woppaburra
Emily Hestelow Storyboard Artist / 3D Artist
Ricardo Sdoya Rigging
Andrew Summerfield Background Artist / Compositor
Genevieve Stewart Background Artist / Compositor Kuku Yalangi / Wemba Wemba
Lester Chan Background Artist
Winston Liu Background Artist
Zoe Velonas Background Artist / 3D Artist
Jake Duczynski Background Artist / Compositor Gomeroi / Mandandanji
Jalamara Towney 3D Animation / Rendering Wiradjuri
Ivan Anggabrata 3D Animation
Oliver Yuen 3D Animation
Carol Amadio 3D Animation
Grant Fraser IT Support
Tim Richter Compositor
Dhimanth Rao Compositor
Doug Bayne Compositor
Gawain McGrath Compositor
Daniel Oates Editing / Sound Design

James Hackett

Compositor / Editing 


James Hackett Location Camera
Chris Duczynski Location Camera
Runner Daimon Saunders


Vanessa Edwige


Matthew Perrott Sound Design & Mix
James Hackett Sound Design
Jake Duczynski Sound Design Gomeroi / Mandandanji
James ‘Jimblah’ Alberts Sound Design
Lucy Blomfield Cellist
Josh Wermut Sound Recordist
Mighty Sound Sound Studio

XO Sound 

Sound Studio 

Additional Sounds

Country Music The Block Of Sound 235
Distortion Guitar Power Chord E Tosha 73


Nenad Simic 

Special Thanks 

EB Synth
Documentary Foundation Australia
Mitzi Goldman
Diego Garcia Luna