UNSW Environment Recovery Project

An introductory video for the Environment Recovery Project, a community of citizen scientists available to join through the iNaturalist app. The project aims to assist scientists at the University of New South Wales in monitoring recovering species after the devastating Black Summer bushfires of 2019-2020.

We took a tactile approach to this project, using burnt sticks and die cut paper to represent the recovering bushland in our scenes.


Matt and Susie, our amazing voice talent.
James Vallance on the model making, with gum tree burnt in James Hackett’s backyard.
James firing up the ol’ 5D

Creative Direction

James Hackett


Andrew Summerfield

Character Design / Rigging / Look Development

James Vallance

2D Animation / Compositor

James Hackett



James Hackett

Location Camera

James Vallance

Location Camera / Prop Development